Volunteer Rain Gauge Reader Network

Program Information

Nicollet County Environmental Services manages the Volunteer Rain Gauge Reader Network program for the county. Rain gauges are read and recorded daily by our citizen volunteers. At the end of each month our volunteers submit their readings to our office. Environmental Services then enters that data into the statewide archives, on behalf of the State Climatology Office.

This information is used for lake level and stream flow predictions, justifying crop losses, tracking drought conditions, predicting future weather conditions, and for various research projects as well. Many people depend on this data and it has proven to be very important, both at the local and statewide levels.

2016 Rain Gauge Season
2015 to 2016 Winter Precipitation Totals


We currently have a number of great rain gauge monitors, but continue to seek volunteers. We provide the official rain gauges and data sheets free of charge. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer of this program, please stop by our office or call us at 507-934-7070 for further information.

Minnesota Climatology Network

The Minnesota Climatology Network will help you find more information on historical weather maps, single storm event rainfall amounts, and more about the weather in Minnesota.